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Discover the Best Minneapolis Dumpster Rental Company

I have to admit that dumpsters do not cross my mind that often unless I am thinking about diving. I do think about trash removal. Recently while I was in the process of moving from office to office I had a large amount of trash that I needed to throw away. At that moment I had a problem, possibly the same problem you are having now. I realized that there were a few questions that I needed to ask myself before I hurried out to find a Minneapolis dumpster rental company.roll-off-service

  • What amount of trash do I need to have removed?
  • Am I going to throw away the same type of trash or a variety of different items?
  • Will I need the trash taken away one time or more than one time?

I found and had to deal with a lot of used electronics including an old golf ball typewriter that had seen better days. Although a couple of these items can always be put out with your general trash, solid waste should always be clearly marked on them. I had more than just a couple of items, so I needed to rent the dumpster.

I also had some worn out filing cabinets, chairs that were not any good anymore, and a bunch of paperwork. If filing cabinets weigh less than forty pounds and are marked as solid waste, the city will usually pick them up. Since I had more than forty pounds, I decided to get a big roll-off dumpster service. These large dumpsters can hold 10 cubic yards to 45 cubic yards of junk. Trucks deliver them with ease because they just roll-off off the truck and back onto it.

dumpster-companies-in-EdIf you plan on having a project that is going to last for a long time instead of just a weekend like my moving experience, you may choose to get a smaller size of dumpster and let it be emptied more regularly. Small dumpsters can hold about 6 cubic yards. These dumpsters are freestanding. They also usually have lids to keep out pests and other elements. A front-loading garbage truck will empty them.

If you have even less trash to get rid of, you may be interested in a 95 cubic gallon toter. They are a good choice for smaller renovations or are a great choice if you are cleaning up your yard. Many people use them if they know that they are going to have regular trash, but not an overwhelming amount. Toters can have wheels on them so that they can be moved around with ease, or they can be freestanding like a normal garbage can.

40-yard-dumpsters-in-inaThere are different laws for different states when it comes to waste collection and recycling. I luckily already knew this because a friend of mine got into some trouble for breaking some city rules last year. In Minneapolis, one city rule states that you cannot mix yard waste with your normal garbage. It needs to be put into a dumpster or it can be left out in recycled bags for collection.

There are many different rules regarding the disposal or recycling of waste. They can be found at City of Minneapolis website.

You cannot put out any type of automobile parts, tires, or engines with your normal trash. I found five old tires that I needed to get rid of when I was cleaning up my office. I am not sure where they came from, and I am not sure where the cooking oil I found in the corner of my back storeroom came from either. Cooking oil has to be correctly bagged and in quantities of less than a gallon a week. If you have more cooking oil, you will have to get rid of it differently.

I only needed one removal because I was just moving two blocks and it was only going to take a weekend. Most people will just need one removal. My biggest challenge was choosing the right dumpster size.

ten-yard-dumpstersThere are a few standard dumpster sizes that are carried by all Minneapolis dumpster rental companies.

  • 30 cubic yards
  • 20 cubic yards
  • 15 cubic yards
  • 10 cubic yards

You can also choose bigger sizes like a 40 cubic yard container from certain hauling companies.

Keep in mind that trash is collected weekly, so it could be easier to just use the city service if you follow the above guidelines. There are dumpsters available though.

You should be warned that dumpster rentals have a maximum weight limit. You can be charged an extra fee if you put more items into it. I already knew this because I was warned by one of my employees beforehand. I made sure to rent a dumpster large enough for my specific needs.

I finally decided on the 20 cubic yards dumpster for my project, and it worked out perfectly. It was dropped off on a Friday, and we put items in it all weekend. They picked it back up on Monday. Everything went smoothly.

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List Of Acceptable Dumpster Waste In Omaha

household-dumpsters-in-omahaIt is important to learn all that you can about acceptable dumpster rental contents in Omaha before you remodel your home or conduct a large cleanup project. The primary rule to remember is that you cannot place toxic solutions and wastes in any dumpster that you have rented. If your property is an older one that still has asbestos siding, you may want to swap this hazardous material out for vinyl or even wood. This asbestos siding, however, cannot be placed in a dumpster.

Household Items And Cleaners

Dumpsters should not be used to dispose of wet paint but it is possible to get rid of cans of dried paint in these. You may not use your dumpster to get rid of cleaning solutions either, including powdered cleansers that are used to scrub down bathroom surfaces and sinks.

Pesticides And Other Harmful Agents

Common knowledge dictates that pesticides should not be thrown into dumpster bins nor should any other harmful or caustic agents. Because dumpsters are dropped at local landfills, it is believed that these hazardous materials will likely have a harmful impact on the nearby environment and any wildlife that lives here.

Engine Oil And Transmission Fluids

recycling-servicesIf you’re in the habit of changing out your own engine oil or any other automotive fluids, you should not dispose of this waste in a rented dumpster bin. While you might find it cheaper to handle these jobs at home, you have to make sure that you have a legal way to get rid of the related waste products before you get started.

Paper Supplies

You likely have a lot of paper waste on your property, especially if you haven’t been using a document scanner and the related scanning software. These papers can include shopping lists and other notes and you are allowed to place these into a dumpster that you have rented. This also applies to your normal household trash, so long as you have not placed any forbidden items into this trash.

Debris From Remodeling Projects

rolloff-dumpster-serviceWhen you get ready to start a remodeling project on your property, there will be a number of items that you can dispose of in a dumpster rental. There are tons of reasons why consumers want to remodel their kitchens and bathrooms. Whether seeking to improve the overall value of your abode or replace old fixtures with new ones, your dumpster can be used for disposing of sinks, toilets and bathtubs among other, similar items. When redoing your roof, you will also be able to place any shingles that you have removed into your dumpster, except those that are comprised of asbestos. Carpets, carpet padding and other flooring materials along with wood furniture can also be placed in the dumpsters that you have secured.

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